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We are BISSQ

We are the closest thing to the real-life shopping but just a bit better. In the fast-paced world today, it’s hard to take some time out and go out for shopping. Delivering products all over the country, BISSQ cuts out the middle man and brings the shops to your doorstep. Remember how you pick up a t-shirt and look at 50 more before choosing one? You can do the same on your mobile or laptop while reading the newspaper, sipping your morning coffee or while traveling to work. Yes, it is that easy and that simple with BISSQ!


What we do

We have the best quality products for you at BISSQ. There are plenty of fishes in this sea of products, and not just fishes; there are prawns and lobsters too. We save you the effort of going out to hunt for one you want and hunt it for you and deliver it to your doorstep. We have for you the coolest jeans to go with your cool tee, and boots to go with your jeans. We have that "special something" especially for you and we have everything to beat the boring routine. We have that cute little skirt that all your friends are going to adore. We have kurtis, palazzos, cool tops and trousers and many more. Check out our never-ending, always expanding range of products.


Tick-tock! Beat the clock!

BISSQ's delivery is just the next fastest thing to the mighty Flash and the Road Runner. Don't believe us? Just watch! BISSQ is the saviour that comes to the rescue when you realize that your best friend’s brother’s wedding is just a couple of days away and you haven’t bought the clothes and accessories yet. Our super fast team starts packing your item the second you order it and super awesome delivery team delivers it your doorstep in a flash.

Start shopping now with BISSQ and check out some very exciting and irresistible offers, discounts and daily deals.