7 types of footwear you would find in a woman’s wardrobe

1. Sneakers

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A pair of sneakers is the coolest footwear that adds a fun flavour to one’s personality. The hip and funky sneakers are youngsters’ first choice to be worn on a daily basis. The sneakers compliment your pair of ripped jeans and give you a stylish and cool outlook while making you feel comfortable.

2. Loafers

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A pair of loafers is the easy going footwear that is comfortable and stylish. Always going great with your trousers or a pair of jeans, the pair of loafers is the kind of footwear that shows your free-spirited attitude. Coming in multiple colours and designs, loafers can be used on a daily basis.

3. Heels

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Heels are the confidence booster footwear that don’t just add to one’s personality but also leaves an everlasting impression on others. Coming in many designs, sizes and colours, heels are always there to compliment one’s personality.

4. Wedges

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When it’s time to go glamorous, a woman turns to wedges and why not? Wedges give that extra edge to your personality that no other footwear can. Wedges are something you can wear to work as well as to a casual outing with friends or to a party.

5. Bellies

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For years and years, the beautiful bellies have been an essential part of a woman’s life and it’s gonna stay the same for years to come. There’s nothing that can take a gorgeous red belly’s place, and there’s nothing that can replace a black bow belly. Bellies are the invincibles and always will be.

6. Flip flops

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Summer time is the time to rock some flip flops because the fashion doesn’t really have to be tacky all the time. When it’s all about comfort, flip flops come into play. The flip flops are simplest footwear and yet so trendy and stylish.

7. Flats

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Flats are the low maintenance footwear that can be used on a daily basis because of their simplicity and ease to wear and carry. Coming in different colours and made up of different materials, the flats are one of the hot favourites during summer.

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  1. Monica . Mes Voyages à Paris

    In love with the heels!! So cool!
    Mónica Sors

  2. Rena

    I absolutely agree!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Tabitha

    Great selection!

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