A Day In A Woman’s Life

It’s not easy to be a woman in this day and age, but who says women like doing easy things. They are the creators of the worlds who create things from zero and don’t even take all the credit they deserve. Their lives are very different and full of struggles that only they can conquer. From coming over the dilemma of choosing the perfect clothes to wear in the morning to going to work keeping the right attitude to be the lively girl in the party to get ready to dream big again every night is not an easy task but women do it every day with ease and grace.



It all starts with the gym and workout session in the morning from finding the perfect gym shorts and tops to go with, and the perfect gym shoes to keep them in shape. The hectic routine has just started. There’s a lot more to come.



After morning fitness class or yoga class comes the office part. It’s time to get ready to crunch the numbers, to put the files in position, to give presentations, to learn and to earn. This part is the most consuming and one of the most important parts of a woman’s routine. She has to be ready for it, every day, for 5 days a week. And she has to be confident about herself, and for that, she needs the perfect attire that will compliment her attitude. The crisp ironed formal shirts and trousers are the first choices to go with a pair of formal bellies, while the not-so-formal attire can be jeans topped with a kurti and heels. The wrist watch to top all this that will keep you up with the arriving deadline for the project.




It’s been a hard and tiring day at work and now it’s time to come back home, but the college buddies made a sudden plan for coffee. The tired woman doesn’t cancel the plan, she goes home and gets ready to meet her friends. In order to do that, she finds just the perfect funky top that will make her relive the college days and her favourite ripped jeans is there to make sure it does contribute. The funky sneakers under the bed come into play as she rocks the reunion again.





It’s time to head home now and prepare the dinner and get ready to come back to the comfort zone under the sheets. The soft nighty welcomes her home and takes her to the dreamland like every other night. This part of the routine is one of the most important parts of her life because the efforts put into making the dreams come true deserve a proper rest. And this way, another awesome day passes by in another awesome woman out there.


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